car20accident_1If You Are In A Rental Car Accident

First things first, make sure everyone’s okay!
Call 9-1-1 if there are injuries.

  1. Call the local police or law enforcement agent. You may need to file a copy of the police report for insurance purposes and the rental car company may need one as well. Also, keep in mind that you will be held liable and responsible for any traffic violation that occurred.
  2. Contacts to make:
    • Call the rental car company
    • Questions to ask the rental car company:
      • What do you need me to do to document the damage?
      • How would you like it documented – photos? writing information down?
      • What information do you need? (date, time, etc.)
      • When and how will I get a replacement car?
      • Explain the payments for the crashed car and the replacement car
      • Ask about any other assistance you might need – hotel?
    • Call your insurance agent
  3. Document the damage of the accident.
  4. Towing the car. Get the exact details of the location and name of the towing company and the body shop.
  5. Keep copies of ALL receipts. Hotels, restaurants, gas, repairs, everthing – these expenses may be covered under your own car insurance policy.
  6. Get extra estimates. Just like you would for your own car, you may be asked to get several different estimates for the repairs.
  7. You own auto insurance may not cover everything in this situation. If the vehicle needs repairwork, your auto insurance may not pay for rental agency expenses, such as loss of rental income while the auto is out of service or other “incidental” items such as towing, storage, and administrative costs that the rental company may incur.