significant-in-insurance-fraudInsurance Fraud hurts all of us.  What you can do to help.

Insurance fraud is a significant challenge facing us today.  Insurance fraud can range from such things as fabricated claims, exaggerated losses, or organized criminal rings whose reach can include multiple insurance companies and multiple states.

And it’s not just insurance companies who suffer financially when someone commits a fraudulen act.  The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates the average American household pays over $950 a year in additional premiums to cover the cost of insurance fraud.  Good customers are penalized as fraudulent claims contribute to an increase in ALL premiums.

What we are doing to fight insurance fraud

Safeco has a special program staffed with dedicated field investigators whose function is the identification and investigation of suspected fraud.  These investigators work very closely with law enforcement agencies to stamp out insurance fraud.  Safeco spends a significant amount of time and money on the education of our claims staff, underwriting department and agents on identifying red flags that signal potential insurance fraud.  We believe that doing our utmost in the fight against insurance fraud is beneficial for everyone – including our policyholders, our agenst and our community as a whole.

How you can help fight fraud

If you suspect the following:

  • Faked or inflated auto, home and business losses
  • Intentionally set home, business and auto fires
  • Staged auto and slip/fall accidents
  • Phony or inflated medical bills, auto, home or business repair bills
  • Misrepresenting the ability to work (claiming medical disability)

Call SAFECO at 888-456-2120 or The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) hotline: 1-800-TEL-NCIB / 1-800-835-6422 immediately.