Aw Hail, I have Damage

We are approaching that dreaded time of year. I am not referring to allergy season, warmer weather or extended daylight, but hail. So what do you do when hail hits?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are unsure if there is hail damage, ask a roofer to first inspect the roof. You do not want to report claims unnecessarily.
  • If there is damage to the roof and there is an opening, call someone to perform temporary repairs to prevent further damage. Save your receipt.
  • Report the claim directly and promptly to the insurance company. While we would be happy to take your claim information, calling directly makes the claim process more efficient for you and the company. For example, they can potentially set an appointment to inspect while you are on the phone.
  • Keep Preferred Guardian aware of any claims issues. We can be your number one advocate.
  • Do not rush to hire a public adjuster. In most cases they are not needed and will take a percentage of your claim settlement. See what the insurance company offers. In the majority of the cases you will be very pleased.

Finally, if there is replacement cost coverage on the house, most companies withhold depreciation on the roof until repairs have been made. Once completed, you will receive the remaining claim payment.