tornado2011 was one of the largest years in history for claim payouts. With seven named storms and multiple other smaller storms including hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, flooding, and hail damage, what impact will it have on the insurance industry? The recent hurricane activity traveled right up the coast causing damage in areas that experience hurricane activity only every 20 years or so resulting in $7-$10 billion damage.

Closer to home the fires in Bastrop and Palo Pinto County are estimated over $150 Million. We must not forget the devastating tornado in Joplin adding another approximate $2.2 Billion.

While rates are going to rise, we are in a great position to minimize the impact. When the insurance market starts to shift there are always companies that are leaders and ones that are followers. As an independent agency, we will have access to both. This allows us to be competitive in most situations even when rates start to increese.
We try to monitor renewals and the impact it has on our customers.

In many instances, our customers receive renewals prior to our notification. If you receive your renewal and would like us to shop your rate, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to compare your current premium with 10 or so other
A Rated companies.