traffic-ticketThis is a question we are asked frequently. Most insurance companies do not run motor vehicle reports when they renew your policy. Some will run the report every three years. There is a good chance that a ticket will not result in an immediate increase in premium. As rates are beginning to rise, it is a good idea to keep your driving record as clean as possible.

If you want us to shop your premium, the ticket will definitely impact your rate with a new company. For $40 or so, defensive driving can be taken online. Many insurance companies, though, no longer offer a discount as the majority of the people that take the class are there to get rid of a ticket. Another option in most jurisdictions is Deferred Adjudication or probation. You pay a little more and have a period in which you cannot receive another ticket in that jurisdiction. The last option is to slow down.

When it comes to filing a claim, the same challenge applies. A claim-free customer will be much easier to move to a new insurance company. There is a change however between a claim and a ticket. The insurance company will apply the claim to your renewal.

There are a couple of ways the price can increase. One is based on a set percentage due to the increase. The other is the loss of a claim free discount. Personally, I would pay somewhere between $500-$1000 on my own, but for each person that amount will vary. If you are involved in a auto claim that involves another person, I would report those claims in almost all circumstances. Just because you pay for the car doesn’t mean they won’t come back for an injury claim. When in doubt, give us a call.