Fire Warning!

Warning: Storage of old paints, varnishes, stains, and household cleaning products can ignite a fire. Do not store pressurized aerosols or flammable items in a hot shed or garage. As the mercury rises, so does the chance for spontaneous combustion.

It could happen to you!

Judy’s client stained the outdoor children’s playground equipment on a hot summer day. When he completed the task, he placed the soiled rags in the middle of the garage floor and shut the door. Within a couple of hours, a fire was ignited by the fumes and the heat. In this case, the fire was discovered early and contained to the garage area.

How to: Dispose of rags used for wood staining, painting, sealing, or any other product containing high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

  • Place the rags in an empty metal container that has a tight metal lid such as a paint or stain can;
  • Fill the container with water until the rags are submerged;
  • Place the metal lid tightly over the water soaked formerly combustible rags;
  • Take the container to your local hazardous waste disposal center or save it until your local community has a hazardous waste pick up day;
  • Please make sure not to dump solvents or paint down your drain or sewer.