Quoting or purchasing Health Insurance is a relatively simple, quick process.  Understanding policy benefits so you can make the best purchasing decision however can be a challenge.  At Preferred Guardian Insurance, we take the time to go over benefits with you and your family to make this process even easier.

Key components to a health insurance policy are:

  • The deductible: The greater deductible, the lower the premium.  The deductible is what you will pay before benefits are paid.  There can be an individual deductible, family deductible, or both.
  • Co-Insurance Percentage: This is the percentage the insurance company will pay after the deductible has been exhausted.  The percentage varies most commonly from 80-100%.  The higher the percentage, the higher the premium
  • Maximum Out-of-Pocket: This is the most that the consumer will pay in addition to their deductible.  This applies to covered benefits only.
  • Office Co-Pay: The amount you will pay to see the doctor within the Insurance Company Network.  In most cases, diagnostics, blood work, X-Rays, etc. fall outside the office co-pay.  Many policies have different co-pay amounts for family doctors and specialists.
  • Prescription Coverage: This is the amount you will pay for prescriptions covered under your policy.  There are generally three or four categories of prescriptions, all of which have a different benefit amount.  There can be a deductible applied to reduce the expense of the insurance plan

For a health insurance quote within 24 hours, please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Height and Weight
  • Spouse Name (if applying for coverage)
  • Spouse Date of Birth
  • Spouse Height and Weight
  • Name, Age and Gender of Children (If applying for coverage)

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