homeownersPreferred Guardian Insurance, a home insurance broker, with access to multiple home insurance companies can offer you some of the lowest home insurance rates WITHOUT sacrificing coverage for your specific needs.

When considering using an online home insurance company versus an Independent Insurance Agency, ask yourself who will be in your court if a billing or claim issue arises? Will it be an 800 agent or your personal agent who you can reach by cell phone, email, or text?

Getting the lowest home insurance is great, but why not have both one of the cheapest home insurance and the service that you deserve. Although we don’t have an online home insurance quote, we can communicate strictly by email and would be happy to work with you in that manner.

Preferred Guardian Insurance has agents that specialize in the home and auto insurance field. These same specialists are available to explain coverage, know where to find the cheapest home and auto insurance without compromising coverage. With access to MANY different insurance companies, PGI should be your insurance agency or insurance broker of choice.

Home Insurance Coverage Options

Basic Insurance

Covers your home and other buildings on your property and your personal possessions, including furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.

Additional Living Expenses

In the event that you are unable to live in your home due to a covered loss, the insurance will cover the additional cost of living and meals.

Liability Insurance

Covers you and your family if someone or someone’s property is damaged while on your premises

Medical Payments

Coverage for medical expenses for bodily injury to others

Valuable Items Plus

Provides coverage for more specialized items such as jewelry, silverware, fine art, furs, cameras, guns, musical instruments, personal computers.  Many of these items have limited coverage on most policies.  More expensive items should be covered by a supplemental policy.

Contents Replacement Cost

This allows you to repair/replace personal property in your home.

CLUE Report
Did you know you can get a copy of the report insurance companies are using to determine prior losses on your home? It’s called a CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) and at Preferred Guardian Insurance, we can help you get the CLUE for your home or the home you’re looking to purchase.

Complete the Contact Us form and type CLUE REPORT in the subject line.