Many landlords are requiring renter’s insurance. With the tenant’s carrying liability insurance, landlords believe it will lessen their risk of claims due to incidents such as dog bites, slip and fall accidents, drowning, etc. However, personal property coverage is not required and is needed to protect the tenant’ property. Whether you are looking for apartment renter’s insurance or home renter’s insurance, consider carrying both liability and personal contents coverage.


Preferred Guardian Insurance, an independent insurance broker, has agents that specialize in the home and auto insurance field.  These same specialists are available to explain coverage, know where to find cheap renters insurance without compromising coverage. With access to MANY Different Insurance Companies, PGI should be your insurance agency of choice.


Renters Insurance Coverage Options

Basic Insurance Coverage

Additional Living Expenses Insurance

Renters Liability Insurance

Personal Articles Coverage

Valuable Items Insurance

Contents Replacement Cost

Additional Coverage Endorsement


Renters insurance cost are so reasonable don’t leave your family unprotected.